Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) involves an assessment of how well buildings match the user’s needs and identifies way to improve building design, performance and fitness. Apart from an audit of the building, it involves a systematic evaluation of opinion about the building in use from the perspective of the end-users. It is applicable to various components directly or indirectly linked to human comfort.

Key features of Post Occupancy Evaluation:

  • ‘Building users’ are all the people with an interest in a building- including staff managers, customers or clients, visitors, owners, design and maintenance teams, and particular interest group such as the disabled.
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation differs significantly from conventional surveys and market research. It uses the direct, unmediated experiences of building users as the basis for evaluating how a building works for its intended use.
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation can be used for many purposes, including fine tuning new buildings, developing new facilities and managing ‘problem’ buildings.

This service includes

  • Qualitative survey of indoor parameters pertaining to Occuapnt Health and Comfort. (Indoor Parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Light, Sound, Dust, VOC’s, Carbon dioxide and Stale air)
  • Design Intervention
  • Planning Intervention