(8  Sessions – 2 hour each for students)

2nd & 4TH Saturdays : 6 to 8 PM

Sundays :10 to 12 AM  : 12 to 2 PM


Prerequisites: None


Course Description: –The course delivers a comprehensive understand of climatology  and elements of climate like sun, wind and humidity .Emphasis is on design techniques to respond to the above using various tools.The course also highlights the importance of climate responsive architecture ,negligence of which has led to high dependency on fossil fuels supported buildings and lifestyle


Instructor : Prof Meenal Sutaria , Asst Prof Mrigesh Roy , Asst Prof Rohan Chaudhari


Course Objectives:

This course enables students to

  • Introduction to climate responsive architecture using modern and historical examples.
  • Working with sun as an element in designing.
  • Working with wind as an element in designing
  • Working with Humidity and Basic understanding of thermal comfort
  • Various case studies  india and Abroad of design resolved
  • Computer as a tool for climate responsive design
  • Working elemental sample exercise to arrive at hands on design solutions.
  • Four hours of individual design guidance on selected days.