At GREEN ANGLE we 1are a team of young and enthusiastic architects, planners and engineers driven by a strong intent to provide India specific, sustainable solutions, for all kinds of design and at various stages of design.The core objective is to provide design assistance to achieve a well integrated building design optimizing the natural daylight and increasing thermal comfort through passive design so as to reduce the energy consumption of the building. Founded in 2006, the team has ever since taken its experiences and findings to contribute back to market research in the field of green buildings.

All the team members undergo a thorough training on green building design principles  and  various certification tools like GRIHA and LEED and is well versed with the ECBC and governing codes in the country. As members of the Indian Green Building Council, the team has keenly participated and assisted in the development of pilot programs. Green Angle is also A Third Party Assessor for IGBC projects and time and again provides reviews as and when required.