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The last 100 years has shown the fastest development of the human race. This accompanied with mechanization, sadly, has led to a faster depletion of natural resources; namely water and fossil fuels. Of these anthropogenic activities, buildings and its accompanied development account to 50% of the energy demand.

This continuous act of consuming to wasting and polluting the environment is gradually going to end the era of fossil fuels; bringing in the need to conserve energy and natural resources and search for renewable sources of energy; but those which are environmentally benign.

India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. Where there are opportunities for growth, there are challenges to manage this growth.  It is important to learn from the mistakes of the Developed nations; those which are primarily responsible for the current environmental and climate crisis. To facilitate this kind of progress, the need for holistic planning arises; that which is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Buildings are being built in isolation with their environment, which make them large consumers of energy. Sometimes, looking back in time can give foresight into the future; thus the need for Energy conscious architecture or Green building design arises.